Happy Birthday in July! 

The list of 34 birthdays this month...

Barry Stone, Louise Kahane-Hurwitz, Danny Harpole, Janice Denno, Dorothy Matusewicz, Charles Valencik, John Papillon, Francis Leduc, Dianne Mikucki, Jennifer Abromowitz, Kim Montague, Edward Stempniewicz, Louise Spear, Mark Ameigh, Cynthia Merkin, Margaret Allard, Jeffrie Young, Suzanne Donath, Maureen Liebl, John Bisbee, Russell Clark, Donald Wickland, Henry Badner, G Smith, David Fobes, William Lyon, Gene Ames, Frederick Hewes, Joan Hicks, Rolf Benzian, Robert Burnup, Cathie Parsons, Erin McEnany, Perry Daigle

Posted: to Chesterfield News on Wed, Jun 19, 2019
Updated: Thu, Jun 20, 2019