COA News ...

Liz Loven Stepping Down

Our dear friend Liz Loven has decided to give up her seat on the COA board. As you know, Liz has been a very active person. She was our coordinator for a long time, and then back on the board. She had done so much for this group over the years. I could say we will miss her, but, she will still be taking appointments for the foot care clinic and we are recognizing her as an honorary member of the COA board. Liz has been driving her guests to the functions and will continue doing so. We are happy that she will continue to bring her smile to our events and sit and enjoy them.

Nancy Wood Joining the Board

We would like to welcome Nancy Wood to our board. Nancy is just retiring but we caught her before she got too busy in her every day life.
We know she will be a great asset to our team and loves to bake. Welcome Nancy!

Goshen Age Friendly

The Goshen Age Friendly Outreach Group has been a little active this summer. Please continue to call Henrietta Munroe if you need assistance with anything: 268-7465.

Ice Cream Social

If you missed our ice cream social, you missed a lovely day, except for the wind. We were prepared for rain, but didn’t think of the wind. The Ashfield Community Band was excellent and the ice cream was yummy. Many thanks to all that helped make this day so nice. Some were asking if we would try for a third annual event and I really hope we can

Pitch Tournament

We would like to thank the people who were interested in a Pitch tournament, but we have decided not to start this fall. We did have a few but not enough to get a tournament going. We will keep it in mind and maybe just have a pitch day for the ones who are interested. We have learned that there will be a Pitch tournament at the Beaver Brook Golf Club starting in September. For those who are interested, they will be having a meeting on August 5th and 26th at 6:30pm. They will play on Monday evenings. Thank you for your interest.