Potluck luncheon

Potluck luncheon

In order to ensure that everyone knows what is contained in the dishes we are serving at the potluck, we will begin to label each dish. You can do this at home on a piece of paper or index card, or we can do it here for you. Because it is cumbersome to list all of the ingredients of every dish, we are looking to inform our potluck attendees of the following.

What is the dish?

Is it vegetarian?

Is it gluten free?

Is it dairy free?

Does it contain nuts? If yes, which?

As an example, if you are bringing a salad that contains walnuts, the note card could briefly state:

Mixed green salad


Gluten free

Dairy free

Contains walnuts

If you are able to create this note at home, that is great. If not, we can do it here for you when you arrive.